Wordfence Capture the Flag at WordCamp Los Angeles 2018
Interested in testing your security knowledge at WordCamp?

Whether you're an infosec veteran or a total beginner with no CTF experience, we've designed this game with you in mind. Challenges will involve cryptography, coding, web vulnerabilities and (obviously) WordPress. We're giving away prizes to first, second, and third place teams. We're also giving away cool swag for anyone who can find the first flag. The competition will run from Friday, September 21st at 12:00 pm PST to Sunday, September 23rd, 12:00 pm PST. It's hosted online so you can play from anywhere, at anytime. There's staff at our booth if you'd like to talk face-to-face or have questions. Have fun, learn something, and win great prizes!

Who is It For?

Security is hard. That's why we've designed these challenges to be appropriate for people of all skill levels.

  • Infosec Veteran

    You know the drill.

  • System Admin

    You know your way around the command line.

  • Developer

    You write code day-in and day-out.

  • Total Beginner

    First time? Perfect!

How To Play

Start by registering a team. Registration will open on Friday, September 21st at 12:00 pm PST. Playing by yourself is fine too. Jump over to the challenges section to find something to start hacking. The point value for each challenge should be an indicator of difficulty, so start with some of the challenges with low point totals to get a feel for it. More often than not the challenge will have some sort of clue in the name or description that should point you in the right direction.

Challenge Types

Challenges are split up into a few different categories:

  • Coding

    Put your PHP/JS knowledge to the test.

  • Crypto

    Break some modern (and not-so modern) encryption.

  • Web

    Exploit vulnerabilities in web applications to find the flag.

  • WordPress

    Use your knowledge of WordPress to gain information about the flag.


We've got some good swag for you if you can find the first flag, and some even better swag if you come out on top:

  • 1st Place

    PS4 Console and VR Bundle.

  • 2nd Place

    Nintendo NES Classic Mini.

  • 3rd Place

    Retropie Arcade Gaming Kit.

We also have prizes depending on how many levels you complete with the competition:

  • Level 1

    Wordfence Tee.

  • Level 3

    15 pc Lock Pick Set w/ Practice Lock.

Prizes will be awarded on Sunday, September 23rd, 1:00 pm PST. You will need to be at WordCamp Los Angeles to collect your prize.

Contest Rules

Participants can work alone or in teams. There is no limit to the number of members who make up a team. However, at least one member must be present at WordCamp Los Angeles for a team to participate and collect prizes.

There will be 15 flags available for capture. Flags are collected by completing challenges and will be tracked online. Each flag will be assigned a point value based on its difficulty. The winning team is the one who accumulates the most points the fastest as of the close of the event. If two teams capture accumulate the same point total, the team capturing their final flag first finishes ahead of the other team.

Attacking other teams or attacking the CTF infrastructure is strictly forbidden.

Still Have Questions?

Contact: ctf@wordfence.com